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Mombasa Sightseeing Bus

Mombasa Sightseeing bus - This follows the same blueprint offere by our sister company, Kampala Sightseeing. We offer tourists city educational and historical tours. Kampala Sightseeing has teamed up with Mombasa Sightseeing in offering the same quality service in Kenya.

The buses take trips to various sightseeing points in various towns and cities. The trips are normally educational from a historical persspective and have select tour spots for tourists to sample tourist attractions on offer.

Mombasa Sightseeing bus is offered by Mombasa Sightseeing Limited. Mombasa Sightseeing limited is a duly registered limited liability company under the laws of Kenya.

Mombasa Sightseeing bus elevates the experience to a new level by giving tourists the opportunity to see the very best of tourist attractions from luxury double-decker top-off buses. Our double-decker buses offer incredible and exquisite views of the beautiful coastal town of Mombasa. Book now to tour Mombasa in style.

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